Hot Canadian Bands Cruisin’ Canadian Stages

So it’s no surpirse to most that Canada is jam-packed with some uber, amazing bands and talent… and to highlight a few, just check out this list of bands hittin’ the stages of Vancouver over the next month… and most of these are on tour across the country:

Keep your podcast subscriptions tuned into ThisCityRocks for (*wink*) Season 2… we’ve got a HUGE line-up of Canadian Indie bands we’re going to feature over the coming months, many of those bands seen above, plus more up and coming bands when we cover The Whistler Ski and Snowboard Festival in April, New Music West in May and in the summer, WakeFest (line-up on their site coming soon) in July.

Don’t miss the first interviews of 2007 with Malajube, Champion and YouSayParty!WeSayDie! coming realllllllly soooooon!

  1. YouSayParty!WeSayDie!, Shout Out Out Out Out, Malajube and DJ Champion played at Junofest on Friday night. I was only able to see to see the first 2 and a bit of Malajube. The acts were excellent. In hindsight I should have stuck around for DJ Champion.

    Thanks for the heads up about the interviews.

  2. There is a ton to edit from our shoot last week, but we expect to have the first new episode up on the site mid-April. I will def. be blogging about it here, so you won’t miss it. And yes, what a tight, hot show all of these artists give – you really should have stuck around for Champion – UNbelievable show, amazing energy.
    Hey – hope you’re not workin’ too hard Brad! Wish I were in The Toon right now for those Junos!!

  3. Hey Megan! I looked for you at The Pacific Festival of the Book but couldn’t find you! Any chance you saw me or came to my book reading?? It went really well — even a female Member of Parliament listened, came on stage and said it was beautiful. She bought my book and said she wanted to stay in touch! I feel like my psychic reading of “create groups to teach and heal” is beginning to open doors for me!

    Hey, check out my site in a few minutes because you might be interested in this event in Vancouver. It is SO NOT about religion but is about LOVE and ONENESS.

    I can’t believe we didn’t meet each other at the Festival!!! Whuz-up-wid-dat????

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